About Us
eCommerce in South Africa is booming. When deciding to set up an eCommerce presence there are a myriad of things to take into consideration from what platform to use to payments and logistics. This web site provides information for existing and prospective merchants looking to set up an eCommerce website as well as how to run it successfully.

Key Selling Points

  • Open source versus cloud based solutions explained
  • Shortlist of options to consider that will work in South Africa
  • South African Payment Gateways
  • South African Logistics
  • Marketing and your online store
  • Advice given in a South African context

Product Information

Our product outlines the various considerations one needs to take into account when choosing an eCommerce platform specifically looking at the South African market. It is assumed that you already have a product(s) to sell and you are looking for a way to market and sell this product online. Other than selecting what store front solution you want to go with, other important considerations also covered in this document are your payment gateway, logistics provider(s) as well as how you are going to market your site.

Key Benefits

  • Free service
  • Clear / concise explanations
  • Special offers when available
  • Everything explained in a South African context

Business Model

eCommerce Advice's business model is to provide free but objective information to existing and prospective eCommerce merchants. eCommerce Advice is affiliated with uAfrica.com, a company that provides cloud based eCommerce services. eCommerce Advice may receive referral fees from uAfrica.com should a customer sign up for services provided by uAfrica.com as a result of information provided in eCommerce Advice white papers.